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 In 1993, MIA Home Salon, the original version of today's MIA Salon, was created.

At the time, many members of MIA were feeling a sense of uncertainty about the oncoming aging society, and they formed a group with the hope of building a home (named “MIA Home”) where they could live together and help each other as they aged.

Since then, society has changed with time and many public and private facilities for the elderly have been built and home nursing systems have also been introduced.

With this change, the need to build the “MIA Home” diminished, and the activities of the group focused more on the general problems of the aging society and how to spend a better retirement life rather than constructing the “MIA Home”.

With this transition of the objective, the group became a casual get‐together where people can talk openly about aging problems and in 2017, MIA Home Salon was renamed MIA Salon, where we stand today.

Purpose of MIA Salon

〇 To discuss the more pressing issues of choosing a final home and how to live a better life, as many of our members are now in their later years of life.

〇 To exchange information on how to live a healthier aged life.

MIA Salon Activities

〇 Visit nursing homes, long-term care facilities, etc.

〇 Receive lectures from doctors, care managers, helpers, etc.

〇 Listen to stories of nursing home residents

〇 Exchange information and read books on better retirement

〇 Carry out health exercises, dementia prevention exercises, etc.

〇 Write and prepare "Memorandum of Preparation for Aging"
   and "Ending Note".