Have you ever encountered a “language barrier” while traveling in a foreign country?

Isn’t it frustrating when you find it difficult to communicate with people around you?  You often feel left out and isolated.

Over 25 years ago, in an effort to remove this barrier and relieve the sense of isolation,

some members of MIA started giving informal Japanese lessons to foreigners. Five year later, in 1987 the lessons were officially upgraded to a formalized Japanese Language Class that is still offered once a week.
And let's learn Japanese together with other activities such as Cross Culture Program, Friendship Gathering, Introduction of Japanese Cultures and Ikebana Class.


  2019年スピーチの会  Japanese Speech presentation2019
  2018年スピーチの会  Japanese Speech presentation2018
  2017年スピーチの会  Japanese Speech presentation2017
 2016年スピーチの会  Japanese Speech presentation2016
 2015年スピーチの会  Japanese Speech presentation2015
 2014年スピーチの会  Japanese Speech presentation2014
 バラを見に  Roses viewing
 2013年スピーチの会  Japanese Speech presentation2013
バラがいっぱい  Rose garden
 2012年スピーチの会  Japanese Speech presentation2012
2011年スピーチの会 Japanese Speech presentation 2011
 2010年スピーチの会  Japanese Speech presentation2010
 折り紙講習会  origami lesson


MIA Japanese Class